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Where did it all begin?

iResTech is much more than Dtect, but that’s where it started.

The concept for Dtect originated with Quest Mindshare and co-founder Greg Matheson. “Quest Detect” was born and revolutionized the way Quest delivered on research.  Over time and of no surprise, clients and contacts in the industry pressed for access to “Quest Detect” for their own online research needs. Simply put, no one had access to a reasonably priced, simple to use supply management and fraud prevention application.

The lightbulb
went on!

At last, it was time to start building the product.

Greg, along with David Herrman and the rest of the Quest team spent the next three years plotting out a game changing field management and security tool for the research industry, with the initial focus on helping the small to medium research firm.

The vision for a product that would enable the small and medium enterprise to level up their tech with the big firms and provide feature sets that would promise to revolutionize the industry as a whole.

And…the work

In order to come up with something new, it was quickly realized that technical expertise from outside the industry was needed, so that’s exactly what happened.

Under the umbrella of Quest Mindshare, Greg and David recruited Ben Coats – an engineer-turned-technical-leader with a depth of experience delivering commercially successful SaaS products and building and scaling tech startups. This background combined with Quest’s track record for developing thriving market research brands, and building and scaling multi-national research firms, was a great fit.

Together, Greg, Ben and Dave assembled a winning team of tech and product talent, laid the groundwork for the platform which would become Dtect, and spent countless hours excitedly planning how they could actually deliver on this massive promise.

A star is born!

The tech was proven, the product hypotheses were tested, and it was time to come out of the shadows.

Innovative Research Technologies (iResTech) was born (and yes, we are much more innovative than the name suggests)!  The heavyweights from Quest, coupled with a revolutionary technical team and a lock step vision for what ResTech should be are making an immediate impact on the online research community.

iResTech is on a mission to reverse the tech stagnation in the world of online market research. Unlike our competitors, we actually have the means to do it!

Okay, so we might not have been able to register the trademark, but our domain name tells the story. Innovative Research Technologies is ResTech – and if you haven’t met us yet, what are you waiting for?

Our path to success runs directly through an
organization of diverse, independent,
and free-spirited creative thinkers who are
united in their curiosity and competitiveness. 

Employee spotlight

David Herrman

Senior Advisor

Dave has seen a lot of success and more importantly made a ton of mistakes in his last 15 years in the MR Industry. The hope is that he can remember how to avoid the majority of the self inflicted wounds he’s previously experienced to be of value as Innovative Research Technology’s Senior Strategic Advisor. He believes that general curiosity as to how and why we do things in our daily job roles leads to creative solutions. Couple that with strong relationships that are bolstered by even stronger communication, and any team can overcome the obstacles in their way. Dave enjoys challenging and obscure hikes with rewarding views as well growing as vegetables that he can cook with or store for later consumption. Pickle all veggies and smoke all meats! He’s thankful to have a wife who puts up with his nonsense…

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